When you involve in affiliate marketing business, blog writing, niche website building or e-commerce you need the tool that will help you with so much competition so you need to stand out. Why the long tail keyword research tool? For who is it for? What can you expect from that kind of tool?
You can find all about that and much more.

Just keep reading.

Jaxxy – More Than Just a Keyword Tool

Name: Jaaxy


Price: Starter Trial(FREE)/ Pro ($49.95 per
month)/ Enterprise($99.00 per month)

Owners: Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, and Carson



Jaaxy was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. That means that they know exactly what you need when it comes to research segment.

With Jaaxy you can manage all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.

Even if you are absolute beginner you will use Jaaxy with so much ease to find exact keywords that you need, how much your keywords are competitive and get all statistics you need to quality maintain your business.


Importance of Keyword Research

When it comes to SEO you need the right keyword and quality content in order to search engines recognize your website as an authority and right for the search terms which will be presented to the wide audience.

Now, you can take a guess what your audience type in search boxes and build your business around that, but if you are professional marketer you don’t want to guess. You want to know exactly what happens on the market in your segment of business and Jaaxy is a tool that can provide you those kinds of information.

When people come to the Internet, they start research in their field of interest and generally choose from the first 3 pages of search engines until they find exactly what they want. And most of them do not only enter one word into the research field.

If your business is not on those 3 pages then you must do research for relevant keywords.

So if you want to attract their attention to your product, service or website you must know what the most of them searching.


Why Long Tail Keyword Research?

As I earlier mention, people rarely put just one word in the search box when they on search engines.

They search in phrases and sometimes whole sentences in order to find exactly what they look for on the first page of search engine.

Which of the following terms best describes the product someone look for:

  • TV
  • Oled TV
  • LG Oled TV
  • LG Oled TV Curved 65-Inch
  • LG Electronics OLED65C6P Curved 65-Inch
  • LG Electronics OLED65C6P Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

As you can see, if someone knows exactly what to look for they will enter the whole phrase in the search box.

In order for you to attract as many visitors to your product, services or website you need a long tail keyword. But also you need to know are those keywords are too competitive and how often those keywords were searched in search engines.


Jaaxy Can Help You With

  • Keywords – Over 8.7milion New Keywords Revealed Monthly
  • Save Your Keyword Lists
  • Search Engine Coverage – Google, Yahoo, Bing – offering you a 99% keyword and associated data coverage
  • Traffic, competition, QSR, ranking and domain data are available for billions of search terms
  • Niche Research – Alphabet Soup Platform – Take any search term or phrase and quickly build an alphabetized list
  • Uncovering new affiliate programs
  • Competition Analysis – Analyze your SEO Competition
  • Scan Ranking – For Any Keyword
  • Monitor Your Website Authority
  • Domain Search – Find Available Domains and purchase them at best prices


How to Use Jaaxy

When you log in at Jaaxy you will see the search box where you will be enter desired keyword or phrase. When you hit Find Keywords button you’ll notice that besides various offered keywords will be listed some other criteria, so let see what all that means:


  • Keyword – Offered keyword phrase which you can use in headline of your post and build your content around them
  • Avg. – The average number of searches that keyword receive per month
  • Traffic – Visits to your website, if you achieve first page rankings on Search Engines
  • QSR/Quoted Search Results – Number of competing websites
  • KQI/Keyword Quality Indicator – Green – Great, Yellow – Normal, Red – Poor
  • SEO – Score based on traffic and competition – Higher is it – Better
  • Domains – Availability of domains related to keyword

Now let’s see what happens when entering the previous example of TV:

You see the first keyword was exactly as in search box and the numbers in Avg and Traffic are high, so you probably assume that keyword is great for you but let’s see what happens when we hit Get QSR:


The QSR will show you 288 competing websites for that keyword, KQI says that is poor keyword and SEO score is only 41. As you can see that is not good keyword regardless of Traffic and Avg.

You need a less competitive keyword, so let’s enter some long tail keyword:

You try to find less competitive keywords and here you have offered a few of them with great scores. QSR need to be under 200 and under 100 is even better, so here we have 6 of them under 200 and 3 under 100 QSR which you can use with much success. Of course, keywords need to have some sense.

On the right side of your search, you have related keywords which you can also research.

When you try to find the right keywords for your business with Jaaxy, first focus on the QSR and SEO, and then on Avg. and Traffic.


Integration With Wealthy Affiliate


From 12/12/2017. Jaaxy is the official Keyword Tool of Wealthy Affiliate.

That means that besides Jaaxy.com you can now use Jaaxy inside WA platform for keyword research and with a click of a button expand your search on Jaaxy.com.

You can get Jaaxy Lite for free if you upgrade your free membership at Wealthy Affiliates to Premium membership.

For more information and to see member comments, you can read directly on WA website 


Try to not overload your pages with keywords, because search engines don’t like that. Your keyword should be in the headline of your post and once or twice in the content.

When writing your content around your keyword focus on benefits of the product or services, not on keywords. Keywords only help you with attracting visitors to your website to read your content. You may have great keywords, but if the content is based only on them, you won’t get much benefit.

You can read a review about Wealthy Affiliate community, join for free and learn how to properly use keywords in your content.

With so much competition tool like Jaaxy is something every marketer should have.

Jaaxy is FREE for the trial version.


>>> Try Jaaxy <<<


If you have any questions or unclear or want to add something to this topic, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to discuss it.


  1. Reply

    I enjoyed this review. I have a more undated review if you would like to take a look at it. It has most of the same information as your review the only major difference is the price. They added some new levels just recently, like December 2017.

    Tried and True


    • Reply

      Hello Elaine,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I noticed that new level added for Wealthy Affiliate members and I wanted to update my post, but you were faster than me…:)

      Thank you very much for taking the time and draw my attention to it.

      I did read your review and you have a great description of Jaaxy too.

      Jaaxy is a great tool for generating, awesome, low competitive keywords and with a help from WA community I feel like I won jackpot on lottery…:)
      The way I look at it, when you have an annual membership, you get WA membership and Jaxxy Lite under $1/day and that is great.

      Wish you all the best

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