Like many of you, I’m always in pursuit of the best of the best when it comes to making money online. A few months ago my great friend sent me an interesting invitation and when I saw what it is all about I was sure it was the best network marketing business there is and I didn’t hesitate at all – I was all…In it-to win it.

So, l invite you to start a network marketing business and you can have fully automated hands-free income for life.

This opportunity has never been advertised…registration and joining to this fantastic business opportunity was only possible through invitation and yet in the time of writing this, there are already around 30000 founding members and the business I’m writing about has not even started yet…this opportunity is brutally awesome…

What is OnPassive and why are thousands joining?

OnPassive is a revolutionary new business platform with a lot of marketing tools and fully automated recruiting and selling system with 100% automated traffic generating system in 4 tier 3×10 forced matrix system.

This is a great solution…

If you have a network marketing businesses that you promote right now or maybe you have multiple businesses or you are in cryptocurrency business opportunity or maybe you are an affiliate marketer or selling products or services or maybe you have some skills and want to promote yourself or want to create a brand or you don’t have any online businesses at all…etc…then this platform will satisfy all your needs

This platform (that is being developed and is in finishing stages at this point) solves all the problems that you may be encountered with:

  • Solves all Online marketers, Network marketers & Affiliate marketers problems. It is 100% success platform from beginners to pro-marketers.
  • 100% fully automated traffic generator.
  • Recruits and sells for you
  • Proprietary marketing tools built for using Artificial intelligence. No one else has anything similar to offer like OnPassive
  • Promotes and works for any and all online businesses.
  • Four tiers “Self-Perpetuating” 3×10 Forced Matrix system, unlimited and fully automated hands-free income for life.

If you truly believe that you can make money on the internet then you will absolutely love the concept of working from home with OnPassive.

One thing about working online or working from the home-based business is either you make money or you make excuses. – You can’t do both…

There are so many people struggling to make money from home, but I’m gonna tell you that you will be absolutely thrilled with all the possibilities you can have with OnPassive.

Let me ask you something…

How would your life be if, in the next 10 years, money was no longer an issue?

Just imagine…If you can do whatever you wish for or anything you always dreamed about.

All you need to do is think and dream big.

Making money online is super simple, yet only a few really make it big and the rest is just watching. Even worse – They pay for those who make it big while they watch and suffer.

Online success can be achieved through selling (products or services) or by recruiting (building a network) or doing both, like through OnPassive platform.

But then there is a problem which most of us encounter in online business:

Most of us don’t like selling and/or recruiting or we are just not good enough at it.

Let’s face it…

People (average person) don’t want to make a business in the way like they’re becoming a salesman’s. They are not interested in selling products or services or recruiting – It’s hard, especially if they had no experience in that kind of business up to this point.

On the other side…

People very much like the vision in the form of guaranteed success…and those visions are integrated into this new revolutionized marketing solution – OnPassive platform.

OnPassive will change the way we approach any online or offline home based business.

Everyone who starts with OnPassive will definitely have 100% success. Finally, we have a business that will allow everyone to succeed no matter who they are. Everything in OnPassiv is automated so all passive and active members will succeed automatically.

OnPassive is a new revolutionary system that will change your life forever. It is 100% hands-free completely done-for-you automated online marketing platform.

With OnPassive you will completely run your whole business on autopilot:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Leads
  • Signups
  • Recruiting
  • Team building
  • Any business opportunity
  • YES, You can autopilot – everything

Yes, it automates your existing business and provides a massive income opportunity by simply using this revolutionized platform.

It is all done for you:

  • Self-funding solution
  • Your own wealth portfolio
  • Builds any business/es for you
  • You are in control of your funds
  • Every useful marketing tool you can think of
  • Never seen proprietary technology 100% hands-free

Two Ways of Being a Member

You can wait and join OnPassive when the platform goes live or you can start right now as a founding member by using the link below…

Joining OnPassive as an affiliate will be Free for a 7-day period where you will be given a chance to take a peek behind the scenes and after that time period the monthly membership will be $25 for the first level in 3×10 matrix system, but you need to wait until we get started.

Or you can join right now as a founding member (exclusive price of $97 one time, for 12 month period) and reserve your position in the matrix before all affiliate members and enjoy exclusive campaigns during pre-launch and post-launch. As a founding member, you will have exclusive access to the founder zone and you can have much greater insight and benefits as a founding member.

Becoming a founder is only possible through invitation, so here is yours…

>>>Become a Founder<<<


When we start, there will be no available founding positions for at least 6 months and after that time there will be a regular price of $997.

So, hurry up…catch your position on time and make sure to have your seat in this rocket-speed train.

We Are Very Picky

We are very picky about the founders. Everyone can join us but if you wish to be a great founder then consider that we are looking for people with a very positive attitude, diligent, persistent, expressive work ethics, kind and ready to share the love…

If you recognize yourself in these traits, then you are the right person to join us.

We like to work with positive people because our main goal is to awake awareness to all who want to join us so that we can create better conditions for business and life in general.

It’s a much healthier atmosphere when working with people who are positive and who want to give you their maximum help and support no matter who you are and where you are from.

Kindness and goodness are very contagious characteristics that we very much want to share with you … You are very welcome to join us.

Be a part of something magnificent and spectacular…

>>>Become a Founder<<<

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