ONPASSIVE will be truly one of the leaders in the IT sector with their cutting edge software, tools and business solutions in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will change the entire market scenario. AI-enabled applications and tools can literally help you start your business faster or greatly improve your existing business, and ONPASSIVE platform can do just that for you.

You can achieve more success with ONPASSIVE to make your business more successful than ever and take your business to the next level with the help in from of all the business solutions provided by ONPASSIVE platform.



If you have difficulty choosing business model for your future project and trying to find the right solution then ONPASSIVE is that great solution.

Every entrepreneur hopes and dreams to own a successful and profitable business. Building a successful business is a marathon and in that spirit, ONPASSIVE is a launch-ready platform that brings features integrated AI technology, which can literally help you grow your business steadily.

So far, no company has offered business automation from start to finish to cover all aspects and processes of an online business, and ONPASSIVE does just that with the help of AI technology development and offers ready-made solutions and automation for your business.

It doesn’t matter what business you are currently working on, but if you want to leave a mark on the online market, then you first need to have a website that will be fully automated and will earn you passive earnings without much work on your part

Nowadays, creating a web page as well as all content is very simple and automated and is based on a simple drag and drop system

This is exactly what ONPASSIVE offers as a perfect solution with tools such as website builder, content creation, hosting, store manager, chatbots, cloud-based applications, deep analytics, digital marketing, targeted traffic, video marketing, email marketing, advertising, trimURL, etc. and all of that has the capability of automating business processes.

The future of online business lies precisely in complete automation of your business, although artificial intelligence is not yet widely represented in this sector, but is already found in many other sectors such as various promotions and advertising campaigns, sales, product delivery and various services

Many industries can significantly be updated with the help of artificial intelligence and you can grow your business more than 100 times with the help of ONPASSIVE

The system is automated, hands-free and on autopilot, which will help a lot of ordinary people to run whatever online business they desire or to add multiple streams or businesses and manage them from one place, respectively, run all your companies in one place.

Given that artificial intelligence is increasingly spread across businesses of all sizes, and if you are a small business and want to expand or grow your business then you should definitely consider all that ONPASSIVE has to offer

In addition to all of the above that ONPASSIVE offers as an incredible modern technology and business solution for you to successfully run an online business, ONPASSIVE also has an option that you can activate so that all ONPASSIVE products will become more accessible to you over time until eventually, you will also have a profit, just because you use the ONPASSIVE platform and all of its tools.

This is just made possible through the company’s plan, that is, the 3×10 forced matrix system.


Why 3×10 Matrix System is so Significent to Your Business

ONPASSIVE could choose any way to reward their customers, associates or resellers of their technology, but opted for this system through 4 levels of product packages classified in 3×10 forced matrix system

Onpassive offers you 4 levels for earning potential, where you can start building your online business. Each of the 4 tiers contains a suite of products related to the marketing and internet business, which means that with each tier you get more and more useful tools that you can use to build your online business.

The structure is set in a 3×10 forced matrix to infinity and no matter who you are and what position you are, everyone is paid on every member in their organization regardless if they are active or passive members.

Such a structure and reward plan will produce a massive Spill-over, ie, there will be a spillover of newly registered members who will be positioning to your structure in real-time.

This will again lead to an increase in your earnings as well as an automatic transition to higher levels of earning.

This is a self-financing solution where you don’t have to worry because you can start at $ 25 and never pay anything again, and you have the opportunity to get fantastic results

There are no conditions that you must meet in order to advance in this business model

You don’t have to sell or bring in new members, it’s up to you, whether you want it or not

Momentarily, I will not go into detail how much profit you could make as you can view it in the video by the CEO Mr. Ash Mufareh provided on the registration page on the link below.

>>>Become a Founder<<<

What matters most to any business, whether online or offline, is certainly traffic, and ONPASSIVE will be providing huge targeted traffic to your business.

Because of this structure and massive marketing that ONPASSIVE will work, that will lead to additional revenue for your business that will only continue to grow due to the way ONPASSIVE is designed to use artificial intelligence to build your business for you.

The base of ONPASSIVE are the Founding Members and at this point – only existing founder can invite other future founders to this amazing opportunity, so here below is your invitation to join us and grab your position in the matrix before the launch of ONPASSIVE platform

>>>Become a Founder<<<


It is irrelevant whether or not you already have an existing business model. 

If you have – ONPASSIVE will help you perfect your business through this unprecedented technology and complete automation with the help of artificial intelligence and thus greatly contribute to the development of your existing business.

If you do not have your own business then ONPASSIVE gives you the status of the reseller and creates a brand new business model using the same technology and thus creates a whole new brand for you because ONPASSIVE aims to promote your business as a brand

ONPASSIVE if perfect for students, the unemployed, stay home moms or dads, the underpaid, those in need of more time to enjoy life, retirees unsatisfied with their pension, people who can’t stand their present jobs, people who want to change their careers or want to get progress, people who want to help others succeed in life, etc.

People all around the globe are registering with ONPASSIVE-GoFounders (60000+ at this moment) and my heartful recommendation is to grab the founder position at GoFounders while the positions are still available!

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or if you a have any question or something that is not clear enough, please leave a comment or contact me and I will do all of my best to help you in any way I can

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