How to Set Up Your TrafficWave Campaign

This campaign was created for TW1KTeam members.

If you are not a member there is no problem to become a Free member by registering at TW1KTeam.


After you log into your account:

Under “AutoResponder” > Click “Create New Campaign”

Step 1:

1. Campaign Nickname “tw1kteam” (or: whatever you fancy)
2. Click “Verify My Nickname”

Step 2:

Your Return E-mail Name: the same name you used while joining Traffic Wave
remember: Joe Doe looks better than joe doe

Your Return E-mail Address: the same e-mail address you used while joining TW

Campaign Title: TW 1K Team Our Road to Success


Click “Move to Step 3 ->”


Step 3:

> Click the empty box left to “Use the postal address  from my Member Profile.”
( If necessary- choose your country from the drop-down menu )

Click “Move to Step 4 ->”

Step 4:

Click “Move to Step 5 ->”


Step 5:

1. Under “Notification of Subscriptions” >> click the empty box

2. Scroll down to the gray button:
“I have read and agree to the above requirements”

3. click the empty box to the right

4. Click “Finish ->”


Step 6:

Click the gray button “Great! Take me to the Letters Tab”

Click “Retrieve Published Campaign” (left-side menu)


Step 7:




1. Click the circle left to: “Retrieve OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters”

4. Choose the correct campaign name – “tw1team”
(Right to “Please select the AutoResponder Campaign to overwrite”)

2 & 3. Fill the boxes with the correct numbers:

If you only joined TrafficWave
Autoresponder ID Number: 429463              5 digit code: 31717

If you joined TW, TOAN, and ListAdProfits
Autoresponder ID Number: 431300                        5 digit code: 31836

5. Click the gray button “Retrieve Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters”


Step 8:

Step 9:


Click: “Signature Tokens”

Step 10:

Scroll down to “Add New URL Token” and click this button.

Each time you need to add another link > click “Add New URL Token”
To save your links > click “Update Signature Tokens”

Step 11:

2. – Paste this link:

(this site your subscribers will see after their click the confirmation link
– I added it because usually after clicking the confirmation link people have to wait
up to 15 minutes before your 1st autoresponder message arrives at their inbox)

Step 12: Code for your opt-in form

Opt-in form – here your future subscribers (leads) enter their name and email address.

You will find this code in the Profile Settings of your Campaign:

Hosted Capture Pages – create your page with TrafficWave tool.

Click “Capture Forms” – to make your Capture Page with some other tool.

Click grey button “Get Basic HTML Form Code”

Scroll down until you can see this:

TrafficWave recommends Javascript but sometimes Javascript is not accepted.
For example, if you want me to set up for you the autoresponder campaign
and you don’t join CreateSplashPage and don’t send me your login details for CSP,
I must use Raw HTML.

Capture Page:

I used to make and host capture pages, but many people noticed various problems with pages I gave them. Hence the change.

You can either:

(1) create your capture page with TrafficWave (TW will host it for you)

Your page may look like this one:
How to make this page:
Ben explains this at the end of the above video

(2) create your capture page using this program:
Free members can have 3 splashes/capture pages.

If you don’t plan to upgrade, you can join through the above link.
If you want to upgrade – please contact your TrafficWave sponsor first.

If you want to have a capture page like this one:

Visit this site for instructions:

If you joined List Ad Profits and TrafficWave

I don’t have a separate email series – I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to promote LAP if you haven’t joined TOAN because in case your LAP referral decides to join TOAN they do this under your LAP sponsor (or their sponsor).

I use the same email series as I use for TW+TOAN+LAP
I just added (as the 1st one) the email about LAP suggested by Ben
The 2nd letter has this subject line
“What TW 1K Team has prepared for you? (info inside)”

Autoresponder ID Number: 431300
5 digit code: 31836

URL 1 – my TW referral link (actually it’s a rotator with your referral link too)
URL 1 – my TOAN referral link (rotator with my link + links of my TOAN referrals)
URL 3 – my LAP referral link

Confirmation Landing URL – my LAP referral link

If you joined TOAN and LAP sometime after you joined TW

1) you may create a separate autoresponder campaign – you will not need another capture page but I will need to replace the code for your opt-in form


2) simply replace the existing campaign:

After you log into your account:

(1) Under “AutoResponder”

Click “Manage My Campaigns”

(2) Click “tw1team” and “Letters”

(3) Click “Retrieve Published Campaign” (left side)

(4) Click the circle by
“Retrieve OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters”

Autoresponder ID Number: 431300        5 digit code: 31836

(5) Select “tw1team”

(6) Click the gray button at the bottom:
“Retrieve Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters”

(7) Under big blue “Campaign Profile”
Click: “Signature Tokens”

(8) Scroll down to “Add New URL Token” and click this button.

In the box right to “URL 2 (optional)”
paste your referral link:

>>Replace the red word “yourID” with your own TOAN ID (number)

“URL 3(optional)”

>>Exchange the red word “username” with your own LAP username

(9) Click “Update Signature Tokens” (gray button)





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