As a marketer or entrepreneur or even absolute beginner in email marketing, You need to know how email marketing work and how to make money in email marketing. Email marketing can be a very powerful tool if you use it the right way.

E-marketing is the basic engine of any business model and as such requires that it be approached with great care.

Only 5-steps are included in the proper management of email marketing and all will be described here as well as the complete process of email marketing and suggested tool you can use.


Necessary Things for Quality Email Marketing

For best performance in email marketing you need minimum 3 things:

  1. CapturePage/1-page website – A page where you will be sending traffic and where the visitors can enter their email address
  2. Autoresponder – Autoresponder is the place where all addresses of your subscribers will be automatically added and from where your audience will receive emails
  3. Your product/service Website or Affiliate link – The place where you will send your subscribers after they fill out subscribe form


Some of the Email Marketing Statistics

  • There are over 4.5 billion registered email addresses – so you don’t need to worry about the potential of e-marketing business.
  • More than 80% smartphone users regularly check their mail – you have much more audience
  • More than 70% users prefer using email for business communication easier to offer products
  • More than 60% users purchase products because of email they receive – email list are much more responsive
  • For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average of $30 in return – that’s 3000% ROI


I hope that these statistics will help you realize the greatness and huge potential of email marketing.


Email Marketing Process

Email marketing process starts with your capture page or 1-page website.

All you have to do is bring traffic to your web page where you will have something you will give away for free in exchange for their email address. That free stuff can be short ebook or report of the topic you are in.

This is how this page looks like and you can see the full page if you click on the image.


When visitors enter their email address, 2 things happen simultaneously. The first thing that will happen is that their email address goes to your autoresponder and they will receive a free gift and email which confirms their free gift is in their email box. And the second thing is that they will be redirected to your thank your page (T.Y.P.).

Your T.Y.P. can be your website or affiliate link to the product you intend to promote.


5-Steps Email Marketing is All You Need

Here is the 5-step formula to have properly set up your email marketing process:

  1. Traffic
  2. Capture Page/ 1-Page Website
  3. Autoresponder
  4. T.Y.P. – Thank You Page
  5. Automated Emails/Broadcasting

Let’s break that apart. Shall we…

1. Traffic

Your only task and focus in email marketing are to driving traffic to your Capture Page. All the rest should be set up and automatically processed. You can choose to drive free or invested traffic to your Capture Page. If you need some ideas where to start generating free traffic you can read this post – How To Get Free Traffic to a Website, or you can read this Free Traffic Report if you are interested in free traffic exchange programs.

If you chose to invest in traffic then I suggest doing it through social media sites like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or to just buy traffic from various Traffic Exchange websites, on Google AdWords or just advertise wherever you can.

P.S.: Investment in traffic is not an expense. You invest in traffic because you expect that this investment will return to you with a profit. Think of that in this way: You will be getting subscribers and through them, you will be earning way much more then you will be spending on advertising.

2. Capture Page/1-page website

The main porpoise of Capture page is to draw attention and to inspire a reader to fill out subscribe form and hit the call to action (CTA) button. You can draw readers attention through your free offer and by quality copywriting.

For example:

This Free Traffic Report you already see in the Capture Page above, but in this case when you click on the image you will be redirected to Lead Capture page with copywriting and CTA (Call To Action) button:

P.S.: This free report is real ( it contains my personal link), it is absolutely free and you can register if you wish to see autoresponder email series in action. You don’t need to upgrade to use this Free report, but if you wish you can and you will be getting this free report branded for you with all your affiliate links in it and I will be glad to work with you…:)
P.S.1: The best performance in email marketing you will be getting if you offer something for free. You can write that kind report by yourself or you can search for PLR (Private Label Rights) ebooks and brand it to work for you. Some of PLR books you have in this Free Traffic Report, but for access, you need to be Pro Member, so you need a clear picture in your mind of what you want to accomplish. This Free Traffic Report is absolutely free to use and you will be getting the all necessary tool like splash pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, banners, text ads, email messages and promotional links. But if you wish Your Lead Capture System, then you need to be a Pro member. Pro membership is $67 one time payment, but you will get OTO (One Time Offer) for the price of $47 one time payment + you will be having access to PLR ebooks and Pro splash pages.

3. Autoresponder

When running a business you probably won’t have too much time for answering all emails to your new subscribers or writing emails again and again with the same content. That really can be the frustrating and time-wasting process.

Instead of that, you can easily write a series of emails and save it in your autoresponder, so the next time when someone subscribes on your Capture page, your autoresponder will send email series in order you specify.

In that way you will have more time for running your business and your subscribers will be getting all needed information s about your business offer.

4.T.Y.P. – Thank You Page

Right after subscriber leaves their information s on your Capture page they will receive the confirmation email from your autoresponder and when they click on the confirmation link they will be redirected to your offer page.

This is the first place where a subscriber can inform on your offer and made a purchase if the offer suits them.

Your T.Y.P. can be your blog, your website, your product, or affiliate product.

5. Automated Emails/Broadcasting

Another way to make money from your email list is through Automated Emails where you will be providing more information s about your product/service and all the benefits that product or service can provide for the subscriber, so in that way, subscriber becomes a customer.

Before you start advertising your Capture page and drive traffic to it, make sure that you have all your campaign and emails ready to go.

The second part can bring you most of the income and that is broadcasting. You can use broadcasting anytime when you have fresh news or brand new product to offer. With broadcasting, you can write your offer and send it to a whole list of subscribers.

How to Monetize Email List?

Further, in the process of email marketing, there are 3 ways of monetizing your email list.

  1. The first place where you can make money is directly on your T.Y.P. where visitors can buy a product/service that you promote through sales letter, landing pages, video letter or webinar.
  2. The second way is through emails that you send them with already made emails in your autoresponder, where you will further describe the product/service and calling them to take action by clicking on the link in those emails.
  3. The most effective way is through broadcasting – broadcasting means that you will send email to your subscribers any time when you have something new or very valuable to share with them.

All of that you can do through autoresponder and it is really “set and forget” type of business.


If you don’t have your website you can easily create a Blog or Niche website and you also can get much help from Wealthy Affiliate community.

Also, if you don’t know where to start for affiliate programs you can read this post – How to Make Money in Affiliate Programs



The Best Tool for Email Marketing

Price: Free for 30 days trial, $17.95/month

Owners: Founded in the year 2000 by Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright



Why Should You Use TrafficWave Autoresponder?

Several reasons why TrafficWave is a great choice and why you should use TrafficWave autoresponder:

  1. When you choosing autoresponder, you want a reliable tool for your business and they are on the market almost 20 years. So that means that they have a lot of experience and many entrepreneurs use it with great pleasure.
  2. With the price of $17.95/month, you get a great tool, regardless of how many subscribers you get. Many autoresponders will charge you a higher subscription if your list of subscribers goes up. With TrafficWave you can have an unlimited number of subscribers and the price will remain the same.
  3. TrafficWave offers you great business model in form of 3×10 forced matrix system. This means you can have 3 sales in your first level, 9 sales on your second, 27 sales on your third, and so on through ten full levels. When you have 4th paid member then spillover will occur. That means if you already have 3 direct referrals on your first level, the 4th one will go to next empty spot in your downline level.
  4. All done for your campaign for TrafficWave subscribers
  5. A lot of bonuses you can get for building your business much quicker. Check BONUSES on their page.
  6. TrafficWave have a very high deliverability and a good reputation.
  7. They also have the strict anti-spam policy so there is double opt-in so there will be no mistake when any person opt-in to your campaign.
  8. They offer blog and wiki training so you can learn all about email marketing


Business Inside Your Business

Maybe you just need an autoresponder to make some follow up emails, but with TrafficWave you actually get business inside your business.

If you wonder how is that possible, here is the explanation:

When you start making your campaign in TrafficWave autoresponder, with every email your subscriber gets, they also receive a signature where they will be seeing the TrafficWave logo.

Many of your subscribers will maybe want to have an autoresponder and if they click on TrafficWave logo they will be redirected to your TrafficWave affiliate page and if they register and pay for TrafficWave autoresponder, you will be getting commission and you will get a member in your downline.

As I already mentioned, the price is $17.95/month, but you are break even when you have your first level full. It means that you only need just 3 paid members and you have autoresponder for free.

Isn’t that just great…

You have 3×10 forced matrix which when becomes full you will be generating more than $88000 in revenue, just from your autoresponder.



Email marketing is a powerful tool for generating a large list of subscribers, Maybe you already heard when someone said: ” The money is in the list “. And it really is.

The list of subscribers is your asset. You own it. Nobody can take it from you. Just remember to build a relationship with your list first, then offer them quality products. Do not sell your list – Make them feel that you are the person who offers them solutions to their problems. In that way, you can offer them more than just one product.

With the help of TrafficWave autoresponder you will be saving time and money and if you are in TrafficWave affiliate program you will be also making money.

If you still don’t have an autoresponder here below is the link where you can register and I will be more then happy to work with you and helping you to build your TrafficWave business. I even advertise for members of my team and I have several different campaigns that you can run through TrafficWave so you can have few streams of income.




If you have any question or need some more information’s about Email marketing or TrafficWave autoresponder please leave a comment below and I’ll be more then happy to help you out.

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