If you want to save your time and in the same time have constant flow of money then you definitely need a business solution in form of smart passive income. This time i will present you a company that can show you how to make a passive income. This company provide you with all necessary tools you need to run successful passive business and in the same time have all the freedom you need.

Time + Money = GoFounders & ONPASSIVE


Time as an occurrence plays a very important role in our lives and what is important is how we use that time in our daily lives. What we should always keep in mind is that our time on this world is limited and that is why everything we do in our lives counts for ourselves and for our family and friends.

Time planning is something you should practice on a daily basis when it comes to your goals and dreams.

What you should definitely do is review your way of spending time in a week and get out of your life all those things that waste your time and have no value at all. In everyday life, we spend time on various things that are neither productive nor useful to us and such things need to be thrown out of your life as soon as possible and to set your goals and desires in their place.

You have to work on your goals, desires, and dreams on a daily basis, because, they represent what your life will look like in the future.

Great exercise you should practice is spend your time visualizing, imagination, and daydreaming about how your life should look in the future, and then take action to make those imaginations come true.


When you think about time and money, you also should think about the flow of money and my heartfelt recommendation is to read the book Cashflow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Robert T. Kiyosaki has illustrated 4 types of businesses with great brilliance:

E – Employee = You have a JOB and spend your time working for money

S – Self-Employee = You OWN a JOB and spend more time working for more money

B – Businessman = You OWN a system that works for you

I – Investor = Money works for YOU

Your job is to cross from the left side of this quadrant to the right side and what you now need to ask yourself is where you are right now and how you will go to the right side of the quadrant.

For a better understanding of cash flow, I would definitely also recommend another book by this author called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

When it comes to money, then you always have to ask yourself what that money represents.

Unfortunately many people think that just having a large amount of money would be what makes them happy.

Money is just paper and it can’t make you happy, but what you get in exchange for that money is what you need to focus on because of that will make you happy.

Remember that people do not buy with money, but with emotions … and when emotions are involved nothing is expensive or impossible to do.

The difference between rich and poor is nothing but a way of thinking.

Those who have no money and are unsuccessful are tied to problems and do nothing to solve them, while those rich and successful have a vision and a goal in front of them and do not let any problem spoil that vision and goal.

Every problem has a solution and maybe even a few solutions, but if you can’t solve something, bypass it, skip it, push it aside, go under it … vision and goal are what will push you forward.

Also, many people hold tight to that same money and do not want to disassociate from it without realizing that the purpose of the money is solely to spend on having personal growth and development as individuals.

For me, money is nothing but a means to achieve a certain goal and that is to achieve all my desires, goals and dreams through investing money, so that money can work for me.


GoFounders represents early-bird status in the ONPASSIVE compensation plan where you can have passive and residual income.

Of course, if you want to be a part of GoFounders you’ll need to do some investments like $97 for a full year for founder position. This offer comes risk-free with 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The investments you make in life are just intended to be returned to you in some form, whether financially or by having personal growth and development.

My best investment was just $97 for a founding position at GoFounders, because I got a lot more than I could have dreamed of.

>>>Become a Founder<<<

Even the first webinar I listened to as a founder had several times more the value than $97

GoFounders is a very inspirational, positive, motivating, a creative community of people, full of support, and provides you with a wealth of information that can help you feel great and energized, enthusiastic and feel like you are at the top of the world.


On the other hand, you have the ONPASSIVE platform, which ensures that you are immediately on the right side of the quadrant and allows you to become a businessman and investor using incredible technology to gain free time and financial freedom.

ONPASSIVE represents brand new revolutionized marketing solution in form of top quality products for successful online business management, a business connected with the latest technology and artificial intelligence combined with all the marketing tools needed to successfully run an online business.

ONPASSIVE provide you with all you need:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Leads
  • Signups
  • Recruiting
  • Team building
  • etc.

ONPASSIVE allows you to connect with people globally and by working with a team of associates as one, turn your investments into your desires, goals and dreams.

When I look at all the opportunities that are currently offered to me in the online market, I have not come across at any serious business model like ONPASSIVE.

Even now, although it has not yet officially started operating, it can be seen that ONPASSIVE is totally different, not only in approach to online business but also in caring and dealing with people.

For all of that, we definitely have to thank Mr. Ash Mufareh’s vision and a great ONPASSIVE & GoFounders team, as well as fantastic and very kind ONPASSIVE & GoFounders support.


The GoFounders position will allow you to lay a strong foundation for your business project/s.

You will receive a wealth of useful tips and pieces of information along with tremendous energy and motivation, as well as many positive friends.

Don’t be afraid to invest $97 for a year in GoFounders, because that sum of money can be the best investment of your life and it’s absolutely risk-free.

You can find more information abot this great opportunity if you read post  Start a Network Marketing Business – The Best Network Marketing Business and ONPASSIVE and business solutions

ONPASSIVE with its platform and their way of doing business will allow you to have everything you need to run a successful online business or several of them if you want.

ONPASSIVE will set you on the right track and literally push you to achieve incredible success.

Wish you all the best and I invite you to join us and see you at the top.

>>>Become a Founder<<<

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