When you look at the Internet business or online business (if you prefer) many people want to be the part of that and just wondering how to make a business grow. That is not so simple as it seems.

OK. You must be thinking: Maybe some of them have great product or service or they just get lucky to get so much popularity, but what is about you and your business.

  • Do you even have an online business?
  • Why your business is not so popular, why your business is not at top 5 at Google, Yahoo or Bing search?
  • Do you have a problem with traffic on your Website?

So, if you let me and be patient I will gladly explain how that process work and how to make your business flourish.

Like I said, it is not so simple, because of many factors but I will do my best to guide you through that process, so if you have Website this will be a BONUS for you, and if you don’t, better consider making one because this is YOUR BUSINESS and you are making YOUR STORY.

Sound good?

OK, cool.

All you be needing is 4 elements which will be processed here:

  • Website
  • Content of your Website (Niche)
  • The traffic
  • Your product, service or webshop


Step 1: Building Personal Website

You want to build a successful business and you don’t have a Website … Hmm … Something is wrong here.

A website is something you must have and had to be personal. By that I mean you had to own it and I suggest being .com


  • Because in that way you give a statement that YOU ARE THE BOSS.
  • You OWN it – it is YOURS and you can design it however you like.
  • Your PERSONAL Website is YOUR BRAND.

Besides that, you want people to see your business, product, service or webshop.

You can get more info in this post – How To Monetize a Website

You want traffic to your Website and traffic means more potential buyers and more potential buyers mean more potential selling. That is the purpose of your Website and he is open 24/7/365. There are 3.75 BILLION people online and that is all your potential customers, so imagine that on your Website came only 10% and only 1% to spend their money. That will be nice and that is what I wish for you.

Having and managing Website today is not so complicated and you can have one in for 5 minutes. If you don’t have experience in that field I always first suggest people to start on some free Website to make a habit of having a Website and when they are ready to move it to .com.

For the purpose of Building Personal Website, I suggest using SiteRubix powered by Wealthy Affiliates. It’s easy to use, having great tutorials and lot of support.


>>>Build FREE Website<<<


Step 2: Making Money On Your Website = The Content

The content of your Website is something that should be constantly growing and must be the essence of your offer. You need to communicate with your visitors through your content. If you want for the search engine to recognize you, the content of your offer must be of very good quality.


You are building relationships with your visitors and at the same time, you are building a brand of your business and all of that leading to building higher revenue. People love high rich content and like to see changes and news especially if it’s interesting.

Visitors will come to your Website but will they stay on it depends exclusively on your content. The content on your website depending on what niche you interesting in.

How can a niche be profitable you can read in this post – How to Make Money With Niche Sites

Why is building quality rich content is so important you’ll see in the next step.


Step 3: Get More Website Traffic

Basically, if you have a quality content and keywords in it your Website will be easy recognized and ranked by search engines. That is a free traffic based on your efforts to create good quality content.

I mentioned keywords which are also very important part of getting traffic to your Website. One of the most helping programs in finding keywords for your business is Jaxxy.

Jaxxy can help you find and analyze your keywords in wide criteria and you can register free where you get 30 searches.

If you register for free at Wealthy Affiliate and go as Premium member you get Jaxxy Light for free.


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Another sources you can use to get more traffic are:

  • Local Marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Social media Marketing,
  • Video Marketing,
  • Paid Traffic,
  • Traffic Exchange,
  • Ad Buys

Also, read this post – How to Get Free Traffic to a Website

You don’t know how to do some parts or nothing listed above.

No problem 🙂

You can learn it.

Yes, you can learn all of this and much more with a large supportive community at Wealthy Affiliate, the #1 educational platform for online business. It’s free to join and I hope you’ll enjoy and have fun while you learn how to make your Website more popular for search engines and visitors.

I will be more than happy to help you out with any of your questions or to provide you with information considering Wealthy Affiliate, so come on, make a free account and see you inside.


Step 4: Here Comes The Money

Now you have established Website, good quality rich content, and traffic.

Next is all the fun.

You have visitors on your Website and you can basically to offer anything you like:

  • Your own products or services,
  • Affiliate program products
  • Amazon products,
  • Selling advertising space on your Website,
  • Make extra money by adding Google Adsense advertising,
  • etc., etc.

From the moment of having your personal Website your business will start to roll and with adding right content and an increase of traffic, maybe the sky is not a limit, maybe it’s above it … 🙂

With everything in place now you decide if your Website will be a part-time business or real deal.

It’s all up to You.


Conclusion – Don’t Do It By Yourself

On this page, I reveal you how to make money with your Website and I strongly recommend that you don’t do it by yourself unless you know exactly what to do and how to properly use all this information. This is all similar to a minefield. Do not try to find a way by yourself, because the mistakes you can make may ruin all your efforts to make this properly work. Follow a proven system of work and avoid all mistakes.

Learn how to be successful and I can and will help you to achieve your goal and I’ll do it for free.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate and you will be guided step by step to your success. It’s free as long as you wanted. No need for credit card and no strings attached


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If You have any doubts, questions or if you stuck somewhere, please let me know and I will do my best to help you.


Let me help you to write Your Success Story – Your Story Matters



  1. Jeff


    You are so right, here! trying to start an Online Business by yourself is so hard and the problem by going it alone is there are always problems that arise and are so frustrating to fix.
    You do need a really good support and help structures to succeed.
    Wealthy Affiliate looks like a great platform to start. How much do they charge to join and what will I get for my money?
    Cheers, Jeff.

    • Branislav Jovanovic


      Hello Jeff,

      Thank you very much for the comment and interesting question.

      You are right, trying to build a successful business alone can be really frustrating, especially if you are the beginner or don’t have the necessary experience. Often people don’t know that all they need to do is to ask someone who already did it.
      Many successful people will gladly help them or point them in the right direction.

      About your interesting question:

      Wealthy Affiliate is really a great platform to start, especially for beginners, and the interesting part that it is absolutely free to join. Even you get 2 websites for free and a lot of help on how to build your first website.

      But if you want to engage professionally then it’s $49/month or $359/year for premium membership which is not required, but then as a free member, you have limited resources.
      The advantages are numerous, but I will point out here as the best just the Wealthy Affiliate community itself. Many successful members who will welcome you first and foremost with a warm welcome and help with all your possible issues.

      For more benefits, you can read this post about Wealthy Affiliate

      Thanks again for your comment and wish you much success.


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