You think to join or start your business with some affiliate marketing business or just to build your first website for your business, but don’t know where to start.


Let me help you build a strong foundation.


Free vs. Paid Programs

Here are some of my thoughts…

When most of the people start their journey in business venture first they think is how to accomplish that as cheap as possible or free (I was like that too). In the time spent on building my business, I realize that it’s not very wise to do.

Here is why.

When You want something for free there is a lot of things you don’t get and you don’t learn, so the process of building your business is much longer. I don’t say that you should not use all free stuff you find to accomplish your goal, but if you want to be serious about your business you must have rock solid foundation.

You can ask successful people how they accomplish their success. Most of them will tell you that it was a hard job and that they must learn and spend a lot of money to get there. They must read, watch live presentations and DVD’s, go to seminars, etc. But also, they want coaches, support, motivation, and inspiration to help them to be better in the field of their business.

The same applies to your business.


Wealthy Affiliate – The Overview

& Rankings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners & Foundation: Kyle&Carson, 2005

Website URL:

Training: 8 out of 10

Support: 10 out of 10

Website Builder: 9 out of 10

WordPress Hosting: 9 out of 10

Research Tools: 8 out of 10

Success Stories: 7 out of 10

Price: Starter member (free), Premium $49/month or $359/year Rating: 10 out of 10


Affiliate Program Training – Beyond My Expectations

The main reason why recommend this program is that when I started my online business, this platform was beyond my expectations.

This top affiliate program, under name Wealthy Affiliate (WA), can bring your business to whole new level.

Their platform for helping people to understand online business, bring the light to online marketing and it was something I have never seen or experienced before.

WA platform is all in one.

It is free to join for 7 days and you should do that just to see all that it can offer.

After 7 days period, you still can stay a free member but you lose the first-month discount.

>>>Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free<<<


You can set up a free website and for my opinion, they offer best free web hosting site. Then you can implement business plan of yours and along the way you have support from thousands WA members including the owners of the WA platform. Thousands of members who run their own online businesses share the knowledge and offer you support all the way. The goal is to have FUN with what you are doing. ZERO experience necessary.

After your 7 free day trial, you can continue as a free member or you can upgrade to a Premium membership for $19 first month and then $49/month. Also, there is a year membership for $359 for which I think is the best solution after the first month and that is less than $1/day. Here I must say that the price for yearly membership wasn’t changed 12 years.


>>>Click Here and Evaluate Premium Membership<<<


What Are You Missing as a Free Member?

You can stay a free member as long as you want and you will have 2 free websites at SiteRubix to run your business.

Don’t say that you can’t accomplish success, but with this much support at WA platform, it is much easier.

You get guidance on how to set up websites, how to use them and where and how to promote them.

As a Premium member you also get access to classrooms where you can find all about:

  • WA platform,
  • keyword,
  • WordPress,
  • niche,
  • authoring and writing content,
  • social media marketing,
  • affiliate email marketing campaigns,
  • affiliate program training,
  • web video marketing,
  • do market research,
  • local business marketing solution,
  • the website design development process,
  • search engine optimization training,
  • live video training.


Conclusion – My final advice

You can choose to run your business as a free member and trying to figure all by yourself, or you can choose to go as a paid member and get all support as you can.

My final advice is that you first go for 7 free days as Wealthy Affiliate and if you like it, then go the first month as a Premium and you can give us a chance to help you build your success story. And if you don’t like it then you can continue as a free member or you can go and try something different but in a both cases

I wish You all much success.


If you have any question or need some more information’s about Wealthy Affiliate or Site Rubix, please leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


  1. Reply

    I believe in the old saying that you get what you pay for. With free training you will get some nuggets but not enough to put it all together and start a thriving online business.

    Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand could not come close to charging what their training is worth. The training is so comprehensive and then when you add in all of the tools you get and community involvement, it is a no-brainer to join premium.

    I have purchased a lot of training programs in my time online and I can honestly say none comes close. You have outlined so many great reasons to join premium.

    • Branislav


      Hi Nate,

      Yes Nate, you are absolutely right. What you pay is what you get.

      Free membership is for those who just want to get start up information and free website to work on it, but premium membership is for those who like to be profesionals in their business.

      I also was involved in many training programs, but here at Wealthy Affiliate I get all needed support to run my business smoothly.

      Thank you for devoting time and comment

  2. michel duhamel


    Wealthy Affiliate is certainly a great platform! Before I joined 6 months ago or so, I didn’t even know what a plugin was. Now I am adding meta tags, submitted my website to Google and Bing, and have published over 60 articles!

    Nice job outlining the important aspects of Wealthy Affiliate!


    • Branislav


      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by and take time to leave your comment.

      I’m glad to hear you are a member and everything goes well for you.
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate platform has all you need to make your online business grow and there is so much to learn.
      Wish you much success in your business.

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